Here Goes Nothing!

I remember the very moment I needed to make a drastic lifestyle change. I was standing in the dressing room of a plus sized women’s clothing store. Needing to find a dress to wear to a wedding, I was simply grabbing whatever was my size, regardless of liking it. I dreaded shopping. That January I would be turning 25 and I currently stood at 5′ 2″ tall and 267 lbs heavy. That is a lot of lady in a small package. I remember picking a dress only because it fit me. I felt angry purchasing something and disliking it. That was the day that is forever burned into my mind as being the day that something in me changed.

Fast forward a few months later and I was walking into the gym that I lived closest to. I was absolutely terrified. For a fat girl, a gym is a scary place. I was afraid I would face the worst kind of looks and judgement. My how I was so wrong. I found an environment I would thrive in. I found out how absolutely necessary it was to surround yourself with motivated, and positive individuals.

Over the last several years of my life I have found out so many things about myself. I had to relearn and develop an entirely different relationship with food, and in doing so, I fell in love with the art of cooking and preparing delicious food. I found myself head over heels for nutrition and how it truly effects one’s overall health and wellness. Early this year I started down a whole new road stepping foot into college for the first time as a 30 year old. Feeling as if I have found a passion and a purpose I am working toward a bachelor of science to become a Registered Dietitian.

5 years have now passed since that day in the fitting room. I currently stand at a healthy 135 lbs. Totaling out at 132 lbs lost, I find myself ready to share a bit about my personal journey, struggles, positive vibes, delicious recipes, bad ass workouts, inspiration, love, and so much more.

Welcome to Peak Fit Fresh, a dream coming true.